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in san francisco in particular. >> it's hot for just about everybody. >> we're not used to that on the coast. >> i know. that's true. we do have some higher clouds on the way. they probably won't make it until later this afternoon. i would favor san jose on that. otherwise, it's going going to be upper 80s. ninetys. even in san francisco. around oakland and inland as well. the higher clouds will give us starting a little cooling trend tomorrow. we're starting off very warm. sixty-three in san francisco. going 89. the record is 93. it would not surprise me if they hit it, but i'll go close but not that hot. eighty-eight in oakland. this will be one of those patterns where san francisco is warmer than oakland, but it will be close for everybody in san jose. could see higher clouds later, but by 3:00. it will be 90 degrees in san jose. higher clouds in southern california almost into central california. they are inching northward. and we are running about five degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. more on the way for wednesday. there is a kicker coming in.
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this system out here will cool us down by the weekend. and start to move that low. it won't be until probably wednesday or thursday. lots of sun. hot again. high clouds to the south, but it won't matter today. and maybe some patchy fog. i can't find any. ninetys and 80s across the board. all right. 4:31. yesterday was quiet. >> i am just looking at the pictures right behind you. you are standing not there front of pacifica, steve. hold on a second. thank you. eighty-four. my goodness. steve? steve, people are going to be writing. people are going to be writing. >> what do you mean they're going to be? >> i'm already getting twitter. >> thank you, steve. >> any time. >> by the way, steve and i are both on twitter, and we enjoy a robust twitter, a hearty twitter conversation in the morning. let's go out and take a look at what we have now. this is a look at 280 northbound. you can see traffic is looking good. it's getting up to highway 17. many times when traffic is terrible, people will write me, and they won't be happy.
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and i understand. i really do understand that. let's go out and take a look at the rest of the south bay commute. traffic is moving along pretty well here and getting to it on highway 101 is not bad. if you are going to the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light so far with a little bit of a delay in one of those casche lanes there. 4:32. let's go back to the desk. >> some of the top stories. marin county will process compute three drifters for homicides near fairfax and san francisco. they were extradited to the bay area last night. now, penal deads allow marin county to handle both of those cases. the three suspects, morrison langley, lyla. they were brought back to the bay area from oregon. that is where they were captured last week. they were due to be arraigned tomorrow morning. meantime, a maid at the san francisco ariat marquee hotel is t still in the hospital after she was assaulted on sunday in a penthouse room. investigators are not looking
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into whether it is connected to a guest who committed suicide by jumping off the roof of the hotel building. we have been told he had been in that penthouse where the attack occurred. and a uc berkeley professor is accused of sexually harassing students. now, the university is defending the way it handled complaints against the professor. ktvu fox 2 alex savage joining us live in berkeley to tell us why students say the professor should have been punished even harder. >> right, dave, good morning to you. some here on campus believe this professor essentially just got a slap on the wrist for his inappropriate behavior with women who were his students. he is now on probation. the accusations first surfaced the astronomy professor jeff marcey last week. when buzzfeed published a story about a controversial universal investigation. that investigation resulted in a warning against the professor. now, according to buzzfeed, four women complained that he repeatedly
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subjected students to unwanted advances, kissing r groping, and massages. those complaints date back to 2001. the university has reached an agreement with marcy establishing what officials call a zero tolerance policy about his future behavior and any other violations of sexual harassment policy will r. in his suspension more dismissal. now, he's one of the world's leading experts overplanets outside our solar system. he issued a pun lib apology on his faculty page. while i don't agree with each complaint, it's clear that my behavior was unwelcomed by some women. i take full responsibility and hold myself completely accountable for my actions and the impact they had. for that, and to the women affected, i sincerely apologize. so, the university is defending how it handled these complaints aginst the professor and the investigation that was launched. there are some here on campus who do believe that the school
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has not gone far enough, dave, in the way that they have punished the professor. >> alex savidge in berkeley. thank you. a disturbing bus cover -- discovery was made. a hiker found a human skull. it was found in the santa cruz mountains in an area that is known as rattlesnake curve. now, the santa clara county sheriff's department says someone called yesterday morning and said they found the remains near the road. >> it really isn't all that high traffic, so to nona there is remains there -- know that there is remains there, i mean that is just. that is really stunning. >> and an e-mail was sent to people who live in the area, and the coroner is trying to identify the remains. >>reporter: also this morning, we are working to learn more about the fate of bay area native and washington post report following the news of his conviction in iran. his status is still unclear including what charges he was convicted of in the closed-door trial. >> and rosion faced with
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espionage. prisoner swap. and. >> and nuclear deal that was reached between tyran, the u.s. and five other countries. coming up in our 5:00 hour, you're going to hear from his brother and his family's fight to bring him back home. and in los angeles police are investigating another fight outside dodgers stadium that critically injured one fan. the platest incident happened after a play-off game between the dodgers and new york mets on friday night. and an argument between fans turned into a parking lot fight. it is unclear if the victim and the attacker were both dodger fans and fans of the rival teams. the victim is in the hospital know this morning in critical, but stable condition. and security at dodgers stadium has been under heavy scrutiny ever since two dodgers fans attacked in 2007. he -- 2011. he suffered severe brain damage,
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still needs physical rehabilitation. he sued the dodgers and won an $18 million judgment last year. time now 4:36. students have gone back to classes at umpquoa community college where a gunman killed nine people. yesterday, the students were welcomed back for the first time since that october 1s mass shooting. counselors were there and comfort dogs were there to help the students. the governor of oregon says it will help the -- take the whole community ho help -- to help those students rebuild and recover their lives. >> in is a very strong and resilient community, and they will provide the support that these students need to move forward and begin the healing process. >> now, snider hall, the scene of that mass shooting, it is still closed this morning. back here at home turning to the east bay where people say they're noticing something different about tap water. the drought is changing the way the water tastes, even smells. now, along the 680 corridor
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from walnut creek and then heading south. tapwater, they say it is not what it used to be. east bay mud which supplies the waters says because of the drought, it is using alternate water supplies. in fact, all water districts in the area are facing the same kind of challenge. >> sometimes the water just being a different source, and so it just has a different chemical make-up. sometimes it tastes different because with the warm weather we have been having and in this drought year, it increases the likelihood that there is algae in the water. >> the san francisco puc which supplies water for some east bay cities is also warning its customers. they say it at least until tomorrow, you may notice a difference in the taste with the smell -- or the smell of the water. governor brown has signed a bill that prohibits smokeless to pack coe at baseball stadiums in california. the law applies to snuff, chewing tobacco, and dipping tobacco for both players on the field and fans in the stands.
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richmonday assemblyman tony thurmon authored the bill and said it is all about the kids setting a good example. the new law takes affect at california stadium on december 1s of next year. and music on telegraph avenue in berkeley is hoping to boost revenue by selling medical marijuana. according to the daily cal, competing for a permit to open a fourth medical marijuana shop in berkeley. it would put the dispensary in a room currently used for jazz and classical music and keep it separate from the main store. berkeley city officials plan to hold community meetings for public input and consider other applications as well. a dissolving heart stint that is already being used in europe has passed its first major hurdle here in the u. s. a one-year study published by the new england journal of medicine finds the stint performed just as well as the conventional one. the stint works like stitches that dissolve with material that degrades over several years. stints are used on more than 850,000 people
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each year in the u. s. keep blood vessels from reclogging after open heart procedures. well, the bay area hospital offering a faster way for people to get vaccinated for flu soon. and they don't even have to get out of their cars. kaiser permanente's freemont medical center held its third annual drive-through flu shot clinic over the weekend. more than 400 people took advantage of the service. the highest turn-out to date. the clinics continue through november 20th with others planned in hayward, san leandro and union city. san francisco's homeless czar is leaving his job. he has held that job since 2012. that is when the position was created. he says he's retiring, and he's leaving on his own terms. the mayor's office says dufty's last day will be november 7th. the mayor reported sam damage -- sash sam dodge. he's 60 years old. he's been well-known in san francisco politics and says he has not ruled out returning
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to politics. as of now, he has no firm plans. san jose mayor will help launch a new wireless alert system that notifies parents if they accidentally leave their children in a car. it's calmed iremind. it was created by a woman from san jose made up of a bear-shaped sensor pad that goes under the car seat and a second attachment that goes on the side. the system then connects to an app that notifies parents immediately if they leave their child in the car. the launch is set to happen at 10:00 a.m. today at the babies-r-us on blossom hill road. >> that's a good idea. >> that is a good idea. time is 4:41. still ahead, an unfinished mess that is causing traffic headinaches and keeping customers away. coming up in 20 minutes, the $100 million project that has a lot of business owners angry in the south bay. but first, a night of periscoping lands a woman behind bars. the illegal activity she was doing that had
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people calling 911. >> good morning. we're looking at the san francisco commute, and right now, it doesn't look bad. northbound 101 coming up to the 80s split. that looks good. we'll tell you more about getting in to san francisco from the east bay. >> very warm to hot yesterday. and it looks like everything is in place for another warm-to-hot day on tuesday. we'll see if there is cool weather or clouds on the way.
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buying approximate land. we don't know the terms of the deal. the president -- the team is making the quote $1 $1 billion investment in san
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francisco. the warriors still need city approval, though, and an environmental review before the work can start on this new arena. the 12-acre site is just south of at&t park. it's in the mission bay neighborhood. the warriors hope to play there in 2018 h. and meantime, the university of southern california fired their football coach one day after they put them on indefinite leave. steve now reportedly seeking treatment for alcohol abuse. now, the l. a. daily news he went missing before practice. after he was put on leave, there were more reports about alcohol-related incidents coming out including that some assistant coaches believe he wasn't sober during one of usc's games last month. over the summer, he appeared drunk at a booster very -- event. he was even pulled off the stage during a speech. offensive coordinator clay helton will now serve as
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the interim coach. sports network, espn decided to postpone a nationwide release of a film about how sacramento kept the kings. the decision came after a video resurfaced showing a teenage girl claiming the city's major had molested her. now, the paper reports that the documents were down in the valley were supposed to be released next week. the film showcases sacramento mayor kevin johnson, but last week, a video was released of a phoenix police officer interviewing a teenager back in 1996, and in it, she says johnson, who was an nba player at the time, sexually molested her. cited a are e cent renewed focusing allegations as its reason for delaying the rereef -- relief. social media. the the 23-year-old suspect wasn't on a peri so scope saturday night and streamed live this video of of herself.
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she says she's drunk. she didn't know where she was. other users messaged her to pull over. some people finally contacted police who logged on to the site and tracked her down. she failed a sobriety test and was arrested on charges. a man who was arrested for dui told him the dog had been driving the car. missay 16-year-old cooper lead deputies on a high-speed chase. he lost control, crashed into a home and ran off. after he was caught, police say he told them my dog was driving the car. i ran because i wanted to. he is being held on $26,000 bail. and astronauts are testing a new camera in space. the camera is capable of reporting four times the resolution of normal high definition. look at that. astronauts test being a floating waterball. the high resolution images can provide more information when used in a science experiment.
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>> i am more fascinated by the floating water. >> and yeah, ejecting the colors. you know about our morning commute and highway 24. no one is floating around right there. highway 24. everything else looks good. highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland. nice-looking drive. if you are going to be going soon, it shown a very nice commute for you even in the next 20 or 30 minutes or so, it's not going to change much unless there is an accident. bay bridge tom plaza, the same thing goes. usually, we don't see slow traffic building here until about 5:30. right now, it is doing very well. as we look at the south bay commute, we are looking at a lot of the freeways. eighty-five. seventeen. 101 all off to a very good start. it's 4:48. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> thank you, sal. good morning, everybody.
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we do have clear skies here. some higher clouds are making it into central california, but it won't matter today. yesterday was warm. today looks to be as warm, if not warmer. not sure who this person is, but i get the message. please say there is cooler weather on the way. please. there is. for the weekend, but not today. not today. main some records. gillroy hit 98 for the record. it will probably be just as hot if not hotter for some. ninety-three. high clouds coming not from the south. and 7 0ás. possible of some rain. and but it looks pretty week. and a low which is meandering zigging and zagging over the place. for about two weeks in the west coast. heading back towards southern and central california. thirty-six in san francisco to start going 89 for a high. and this will be one of those
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days where san francisco is warmer in oakland. we'll go 88 for downtown oakland. we can be that going 90. there is the low still off from san diego. lows are running warmer by about five degrees compared of yesterday. backtracked all the way. it looks like it's going to stay south. a few high clouds. decent system out of the gulf of alaska is going to move over. it will weaken considerably but it will move in some cooler weather. lots of sun. hot again. if there is any patchy fog. there was some yesterday, but it doesn't matter. eightys and 90s. it's hot here. the good news is the nights are longer and at least the days aren't as long. hot, humid. wednesday, partly to mostly cloudy wednesday to early thursday. it's out of here
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friday. there will be a front coming through here. and it is 4:50. major international news. fifteen months after that malaysia airlines jet went down on the ukraine/russian border. there is now confirmation of exactly what caused that disaster. coming up in ten minutes, the findings of a new report that has been released right now. big changes will be coming to social security next year. what you won't see if you depend on it.
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in recovery mode after a deadly rain. opened interstate 95 for the first time in eight days. it is a major highway linking florida to the northeast. the northbound lanes could open sometime today. now, at least 15 people died in weather-related incidents in south carolina. the governor is refusing to estimate the cost of the damage to homes and businesses. it is expected to be in the billions of dollars. iraq and united states increasing efforts to defeat the islamic state terrorists with a huge military operation against them. the iraqi troops backed by american airstrikes as well as sunni and shiite
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militias have been trying to regain territory saysed by isis. in syria, u.s. planes dropped 50 tons of small arms ammunition over the weekend to groups who were fighting the militants. the obama administration now says instead of trying to train syrian rebel,, it will give equipment to the groups already there. >> it's obvious that the program that we set out on to train and advise and assist the modern sir yan opposition did not work. >>reporter: now, russian jets intend to buy their air strikes in central syria yesterday. the russians say they are also targeting the islamic state. but sir yan rebels think the air strikes -- syrian appear to be mostly supporting the regime of syrian president. some young people in san francisco learn what it talks to be a high-tech entrepreneur from some of the best in the field. twenty-two kids and young adults work for weeks with the founders of different start-ups. last night, they got a chance to give a two f had minute pitch to those companies.
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the trains was sponsored by start-up accelerator, 500 start- ups, as well as smith brothers foundation founded by the rader's linebacker malcolm smith and his brother, retired nfl receive, steve smith. >> an opportunity for my brother and myself to kind of give back, to you know, people that might have been in a similar situation. and just have fun. before i wanted to be a football player, i wanted to be a scientist, and i wanted to invent stuff. before we came here, we weren't necessarily aware of everything they do. you obviously here ab-- hear about debt companies all the time in san francisco. this is new to us to see how they operate in their office and how they go about their work. >> yeah. and by the way, two of the students in t group. they were invited to stay on and stay involved with those companies. people who depend on social security might not see an increase in their benefits in 2016. the constant -- the cost off living adjustment is based on inflation, and the rate of inflation has been so low that economists predict the social security agency will decide against any increase.
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official word from the agency is expected tomorrow. this would be just the third time in 40 years that there hasn't been a cost of living increase. time is 4:56. the procedure of a marin county journalist who was jailed in iran. speaking out this morning. up next, what he's saying about his brother's conviction on spying charges. and an investigation is underway after a hotel guest jumped to his death in san francisco. the connection it could have to an earlier assault on a maid. good morning. we're looking at the bridge commute, and right now, the san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading to the high-rise. we'll tell you a little bit more coming up. >> no fog at all. we had some yesterday. in is hardly any breeze, and it's already very warm in the higher elevations. we have a hot tuesday forecast coming up. other
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. charges of killing two people in san francisco. the reason marin county will prosecute. >> new information about the malaysian airlines flight. the one that was shot down over ukraine. what officials are now saying caused the disaster. mornings on 2 don'ts.
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>> this is ktvu mornings on 2. tuesday, october 39. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your wealther and traffic. the weather, first. go get them, steve. >> hot. hot. >> it is hot. >> for this time of year, yes. >> i think everyone will agree. eightys and 90s and that includes the coast. we had some fog yesterday which was hugging mainly the san mateo santa cruz coast. the coast is clear as we like to say this morning. there is not a breeze to be found, and what is there is almost offshore. even ocean beach has a wind direction coming out of the east. very warm air. san francisco, yesterday. eighty-six. i bumped it up to 89. the record is 93. that is not surprising. a few high clouds will start to move in coming not from the south, but just high clouds today. tomorrow, we'll probably go partly to mostly cloudy. zero sixs


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